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Old Inventory

Old Inventory

Nino Parrucca Vase - Made in ITALY


Nino Parrucca was born in Palermo, Italy in 1945. He is the son of an artistic family that was well-renowned for their traditional Sicilian decorative carts(carretti siciliani). He left the family business in his early twenties to pursue a career in ceramics. He began designing plates, cups and tiles with a uniquely warm color palette that reflects both the carretti tradition and the colorful lifestyle of Sicily itself. Parrucca's subject matter reflects the primitive traditions of daily Sicilian life. Simple, fresh items like: fish, lemons and olives appear among the recurring motifs.

All of Parrucca's ceramics are made using traditional Sicilian methods. The only machine used is the potter's wheel. Today, Parrucca's studio is over three hundred square meters, employs three hundred people and produces goods that are sold in virtually every corner of the globe.

This piece is in excellent condition. It's about 11" tall and 7" wide.

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